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What does TIME have to do with the Heart Chakra?

Master of Energy Learn from Matias de Stefano in his Gaia program "Initiation"

Moe learns:

Our hearts are energetically connected to the way our lives play out their existence.

Our lives play out what we think we deserve so If we live with negative feelings of having no purpose or constant sadness or continuously feel unworthy, the universe will recieve the message and you will feel like your undesireable life is filled with bad luck, hard work and tragedy. It will feel like things will never change because negative energy creates a low vibration and that slows down your time for change.

Notice how when you feel lazy, tired, sad, your heart doesn't beat quickly and your day feels longer.

It is when you are excited, inspired, happy, grateful, that your heart rhythm beats faster and time seems to speed up. If you choose to live your everyday in a positive vibration. The universe will recieve your positive message through your heart's rhythm and will create a more desirable life for you to live. Time won't even matter because your happy life will flow just the way you want it to.

Knowledge is Freedom

Billy Carson is a renowned researcher, author, and expert in ancient civilizations, spirituality, and metaphysics. He is the founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc., a company dedicated to sharing knowledge and wisdom about the mysteries of the universe.

What do you think happens when you die?

This is a beautifully, poetically spoken explanation of death as voiced in the Netflix Limited Series called "Midnight Mass" Created and Directed by Mike Flanagan.

David Icke on Chakras

Vibrational Frequency and Manifestation, explained by Marina Jacobi

Doctor Bruce Lipton answers the question...

What do your beliefs have to do with your genes?

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TAP into your Power

by Stephanie Keith

This book is an absolute must read, especially if you are just getting started in your journey to raise your vibration!