Chakra Book Series and More

A Child-Friendly and Engaging Experience 🤗

This series is not just educational – it's fun, child-friendly, and captivating! Through enchanting stories and relatable characters, children will explore powerful techniques to manage their emotions and discover their inner strength during challenging times.

Masters of Energy Free Audio Books

The "Masters of Energy" audio book series, comprising volumes 1 through 7, is an engaging and enlightening collection designed to introduce children to the intricacies of their energy chakra system. These audio books serve as captivating guides, weaving imaginative tales that teach young listeners about the vital energy centers within their bodies.
Audio Book 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra
Audio Book 1 - Root Chakra
Audio Book 2 - Sacral Chakra
Each volume explores a different chakra, offering colorful narratives and relatable characters that impart valuable knowledge in a playful and accessible manner. Through these enchanting stories, children embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning about balance, emotions, and the power of their inner energies, fostering holistic well-being from an early age.

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